The Lyric Group offers Full-Day, Half-Day and Single Topic brand building workshops. These one-to-one seminars cover every essential aspect of developing, launching and managing an emerging food brand – from concept to shelf to shopping cart. Workshops can be held in person or remotely, and clients are provided with multiple customized take-away materials. Sample workshop topics include:

  • Writing the Business Plan:   Why you need one, and how to develop it effectively
  • Product Development:   Why consumers need your product and how to get it to them
  • Packaging Design:   Creating a brand identity and standing out on the shelf
  • Cost Analysis:   Defining COGS and target margins specifically for your brand
  • Sales Forecasting:   Creating realistic and achievable projections
  • Trade Spend Planning & Analysis:   Understanding and managing the costs associated with gaining and keeping shelf space
  • Marketing & Promotions:   What’s effective, and how to make it happen
  • Pitch Decks & Collateral Material:   Developing the right tools
  • Selling Across Multiple Channels:   What to expect when dealing with each class of trade
  • Identifying Key Buyers:   Who makes the buying decisions, how to reach them, and understanding their buying practices
  • Co-packer Identification, Management & Certifications:   Finding the right one and managing them effectively
  • Distributor & Broker Networks:   Identifying, acquiring and managing the right partners
  • Freight, Warehousing & Fulfillment:   Negotiating fees and coordinating logistics
  • Trade Shows:   A complete primer on attending, coordinating and following up
  • Staffing & Training:   Developing the right team
  • Identifying Brand & Line Extensions:   New opportunities and strategic rollouts

Takeaways include:

    • Cost Analysis Worksheet: a customized brand-specific COGS spreadsheet that’s created based on your actual formulations and costs -a key tool for determining SKU viability and pricing strategy
    • Trade Spend Analysis Worksheet: this customized spreadsheet helps you determine trade spend for specific sales opportunities, factoring in all potential promotional expenses. This spreadsheet helps you sort out the numbers and make informed strategic decisions
    • Sales Forecasting Worksheets: formatted specifically for your brand’s products and costs, this robust spreadsheet helps you map out sales targets and projections – and their associated promotional expenses – throughout the year.
    • Promotional Calendar Worksheet: identify and plan your promotional spends via this store-by-store calendar
    • Sample Documents: pitch decks, sales collateral, and marketing and promotional calendars to use as ongoing guides
    • Glossary: all those hard to understand industry acronyms and abbreviations? This robust and searchable PDF has you covered
    • Workshop Discussion Points: a detailed breakdown of all topics covered during the Full-day workshop