Our Brands

Why Batch Ice Cream? Because they use real, recognizable, Fair Trade ingredients without any gums or corn syrup. Why else? They source fresh dairy from local New England farms. Need another reason? It’s the purest pint of deliciousness on the planet. That’s why.
Batch Ice Cream Product Family


Bee Raw Honey offers raw, unfiltered, single-varietal honey from small family-owned apiaries in California, Colorado, Florida, Maine, New York, North Carolina, Washington, and Wisconsin. Each variety is derived from a single floral source, giving it distinct color, flavor and aroma.
Bee Raw Honey Product Family


Beer Flats is a craft-made flatbread cracker produced with micro-brewed beer and whole grains. Their Pilsner is malty and mellow, while the Porter is crisp and complex. Beer and bread have always been natural companions, and now Beer Flats melds them together in one seriously crunchy cracker.
Beer Flats Product Family


Better Together’s brownies make every brownie you’ve ever had irrelevant – including your Mom’s. Organic & Fair Trade – no junk, no preservatives, no trans-fats – they’re just crazily rich and fudgey. Sea Salt Caramel? Check. Cookie Dough? Check. Chocolate, Peanut Butter or Raspberry…check, check, check!
Better Together Product Family


BRAMI produces lightly pickled Lupini beans in cool, on-trend packaging. Think Edamame meets Mediterranean flavors – a combination that’s disrupting the snacking set. High protein and fiber, low cal, soy free and non-GMO – snack like a Roman.
Brooklyn Brine makes damn fine pickles, period. Handcrafted, non-GMO and produced in heart of Brooklyn, they only use the finest locally sourced ingredients. Brooklyn Brine focuses on creating unique flavors that touch on the nostalgic roots of pickle lovers everywhere.
Brooklyn Brine Product Family


Brooklyn Salsa melds the flavors of NYC’s 5 boroughs with the texture and balance of true Mexican salsa. Ingredients are locally sourced and incorporate the ethos of Direct Trade.
Brooklyn Salsa Product Family


Brooklyn Slate crafts unique slate boards straight from their family-owned quarry in New York State. Perfect for cheese, salumi, fruit, or as the ultimate wine and beer glass coasters. Each food-safe board is a one of a kind wonder of nature.
Brooklyn Slate Product Family


Fizzy Lizzy is the sparkling soda with the most amount of natural fruit juice on the market. Period. They blend real fruit juice and fizzy water – without added sugars or preservatives – to average around 60% juice per bottle. Seven delicious flavors, each intensely juicy, each incredibly thirst-quenching.
Fizzy Lizzy Product Family


Glee Gum harvests super chewy natural chicle from Sapodilla trees in the rain forests of Central America. It’s a long drive from their offices is Rhode Island, but worth the trip. Always all natural, Glee is made from pure cane sugar, rice syrup, natural flavorings and colorings.
Glee Gum Product Family


Grady’s Cold Brew is a New Orleans–style coffee concentrate that’s brewed and bottled by hand in Brooklyn, New York. Each batch is made by steeping a special blend of freshly roasted coffee and chicory in water overnight, then removing the grounds using a two-step filtration process. What’s left? A bold, velvety-smooth liquid concentrate that can be mixed with milk or water—served over ice or steaming hot.


Happy Goat caramels and caramel sauces are made in small-batch production, using 100% all-natural goat’s milk. Hand rolled, Happy Goat has a rich tang that’s unique to pure goat’s milk. A better caramel, that’s better for you.
Happy Goat Product Family


The Hudson Standard raises the quality of small batch cocktail bitters & shrubs by featuring the pure flavors of New York’s Hudson Valley. Blending peak of ripeness fruits, spices and other locally sourced ingredients, their products are handcrafted, natural and sustainable. Raise your glass!


Kitchen Table Bakers make ParmCrisps, the 100% Parmesan crisps flavored with only all-natural herbs and seeds. Oven baked in small batches, they’re never fried or microwave baked and are gluten, trans-fat and sugar-free. Mindful munching at it’s finest.
Kitchen Table Bakers Product Family


K’ul creates great tasting, good for you, functional chocolate and energy bars with the finest all natural ingredients. The name, K’ul (pronounced cool), comes from the Mayan word for energy, which is what their bars provide you with – the ability to do more and do it better.


The Jam Stand is a Brooklyn-based jam and preserve company that produces funky flavors in on-trend packaging. With profiles like Blueberry Bourbon, Banana Rum, Raspberry Jalapeño and Peach Sriracha, this is definitely not your Mom’s jelly.
Jam Stand Product Family


The Jimtown Store, deep in Sonoma County, whips up dips and spreads that are as close to homemade as possible. Dense, intense and chock full of real ingredients. Best of all, they double as amazing sauce sauces, vinaigrette bases, sandwich toppings or marinades.
The Jimtown Store Product Family


Just Enough makes restaurant quality desserts in a range of classic flavors. Just think intense, rich puddings for adults in really cool, reusable glass cups. And the portion control makes it Just Enough.
Just Enough Product Family


Kugel – think Jewish mac/cheese. Creamy, crunchy, noodlely, you know the deal. It’s been served at family gatherings for a gazillion years and every Aunt Nonie and Dottie and Uncle Irv has improved it along the way. The Locker Family Recipes bake savory and sweet kugel just like the relatives who inspired them.


LunaPops are producers of all-natural paleta-style ice pops. Hand-crafted in small batches, these unexpectedly cool frozen pops are made with 100% all-natural ingredients, including rBST-free dairy and antioxidant-rich fruits and berries. LunaPops are comfortingly classic and wildly unexpected.
LunaPops Product Family


MILKimchi produces naturally fermented kimchi the old fashion way – no machines to chop and bruise the delicate vegetables. Based on recipes honed over 25 years at their family restaurant, MILKimchi’s raw, probiotic and gluten-free kimchi and gochujang are deeply complex and terrifically versatile.


Morris Kitchen makes a variety of classic and seasonal syrups to be used in cocktails and cooking. 

They puree, juice, steep and preserve all natural, domestic produce with salt and cane sugar, creating innovative syrup recipes year round. The versatility of their syrups inspires adventure in the bar & kitchen.


Rick’s Picks pickles started the small batch, funky flavor pickle trend seven years ago. First to market and still the category leader, Rick is more than just a pickle – think beans, beets, okra and the finest savory relish a hot dog has ever met.
Rick's Picks Product Family


Sencha Natural’s green tea mints are organic, Fair Trade, and loaded with anti-oxidants. From Tropical Mango to Moroccan Mint, each refreshing mint is produced in a solar powered factory in Downtown LA, and shipped in gorgeous, on-trend, reusable tin.
Sencha Naturals Product Family


Sir Kensington’s scooping ketchup is everything that other brand will never be: devoid of high fructose corn syrup, and a perfect balance of California vine-ripened tomatoes, honey, agave and apple cider vinegar. Why squeeze when you can scoop?


Southern Culture is the maker of the Shark Tank-winning Shortstacks Pancake & Waffle mix. Other must-haves they produce include candied bacon, bacon rubs and dark amber maple syrup…perfect for the all natural, all delicious breakfast of champions.


Splendid Spoon’s unique soup cleanses offer a balanced alternative to traditional juice cleanses. High in fiber, low in sugar, and nutrient-dense, these soups help reset healthy eating habits, trim waistlines and give immune systems a plant-powered boost. Let’s spoon.
Splendid Spoon Product Family


Steve’s Ice Cream descends from the legendary 1970′s Steve’s shops of Boston & NYC. They were the first to mix in funky inclusions, and today they continue the tradition of rich, all-natural and on-trend flavor profiles. Join the flavor revolution.
Steve's Product Family


Victoria Amory & Co. is a lifestyle brand of products that effortlessly create sophisticated entertaining, everyday. Founded by Madrid-born Victoria Amory, an award winning author, lifestyle TV personality and entrepreneur, the brand recently launched its Mediterranean-inspired Condiment Collection.


Vosges Haut-Chocolate is a bean to bar producer of extraordinarily on-trend chocolate bars, truffles, toffee, caramels and mixes. Always ahead of the curve, Vosges introduced the world to melding premium chocolate with such fabulously unexpected ingredients like bacon and wattleseed. Genius in a wrapper.
Vosges Chocolate Product Family


When Nancy Ward crafted her first batch of specialty sauces in Lexington, KY, she based her recipes on a love of good food, good friends, good times and Kentucky’s winning traditions. Eleven years later she’s still capturing those unbridled flavors with a bold twist of Kentucky-modern.


Z Crackers are handmade in New York City. They’ve got a cornmeal crunch and are sophisticated enough to go with the finest cheese, spread or dip – yet so tasty, they’re habit-forming even all by themselves.
Z Crackers Product Family