“Any consultant can help you come up with a vision and strategy to move your company forward
but few can 
help you actually execute that plan. Rob helped me do both. He combines great high level
strategic thinking with the day to day work he does in the field with buyers,
creating value I did not get
from other consultants. I highly recommend his workshops.”

Todd Kelly, Founder & CEO / Better Together Bakery

“Our workshop with Rob and The Lyric Group was invaluable to our business. Rob demystified the rather
complex world of specialty food production and distribution. He came to us prepared, on point and
didn’t waste one minute in giving us a clear picture of the road ahead. We’re grateful, too,
that he remained 
available long after to answer our follow-up questions.”

Marianne Courville, Founder / The Hudson Standard

“Rob was absolutely instrumental in getting my business off the ground.  It’s rare to find someone who can fulfill so many critical roles in a complex and relationship-driven industry.  I highly recommend Rob to anyone looking for strategic advice, sales accross all channels, and admin support all in one.”

Aaron Gatti, Founder & CEO / BRAMI

“Rob puts 120% effort in to whichever task at hand he is performing on your behalf or helping you with. We gained tremendously from his knowledge, industry experience, and analysis tools. He was a pleasure to work with – diligent, patient, and extremely responsive. He wasn’t just a consultant, he felt like a true member of our team.”

Susie Parish, Founder & CEO / Batch Ice Cream

“The Lyric Group has been a great resource for our business. Rob has offered a wealth of information based on his wide experience in the specialty food industry and has given us great guidance throughout our rebranding transition. He has a keen eye for good design and has all the marketing know-how anyone could ask for. He’s always been available to us and his contacts in the industry are well maintained. All in all, it’s been a very positive and fun experience working with Rob and the Lyric Group.”

Pam Arnold, Founder & CEO / Z Crackers

“Working with Rob has been like getting a masters in the food business! He was instrumental in the development and launching of my brand, in setting up systems that we still use today and in teaching me the ins and outs of the business. I could not have done it without him! He is knowledgeable, professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Victoria de la Maza, Founder & CEOVictoria Amory & Co 

“It was so fortunate to meet Rob at a time when I needed help creating a solid financial and
marketing plan for my new product line. We covered a lot of material in his workshop and Rob really
put things into perspective. He clearly outlined the value of having a strategic game
plan before starting
any food project to maximize the potential impact in the marketplace.”

Diane Forley, Founder & CEO / Flourish Baking Company

“Rob’s workshop was a great learning experience. We developed a far better understanding of the
specialty landscape nationally and developed a hit list of key retailers and
distributors to focus sales efforts on.
Post workshop, Rob has been consistently available to
quickly answer follow up questions. A great value!”

Alex Abbott Boyd, Founder & CEO / Cocktail Crate

“The Lyric Group was extraordinarily helpful in helping my company organize itself in a fashion that made it clear to see where we are, what are our strengths and how to fix our weaknesses. We were able to make a clear list of our goals for the next 1-2 years and how we can achieve them in a smart and fiscally sound manner. The workshop was a tremendous value and I would highly recommend it to anyone
who is looking to get a better grasp on their company’s financials as well as a concise set of ideas to what
your company’s mission and brand perception are to your target market.”

Nate Meshberg, Owner / Ft. Greene Farms

“When LunaPops met Rob, our pops were in our North Carolina Whole Foods as well as many other local retailers. We engaged Rob for a full-day workshop to help us create a strategy and plan to expand from an emerging local business to a national brand. While we technically hired Rob for a one-day workshop, in reality we received several days worth of work from Rob. He provided materials and questions in advance which we used together to prepare for the most effective outcome of our workshop. Then after the meeting Rob was available for follow up both by email and telephone. We did not realize how different it would be, going from a local to regional/national business. Rob’s workshop helped us with many of our questions but more importantly he helped us to discover the questions that we were not asking that would be imperative to our growth. The workshop proved to be of significant value for both the short and long term for our brand.”

Jon Mills, Founder & CEO / LunaPops

“We truly appreciate all of Rob’s efforts and guidance, as well as his quick attention to detail, spot on advice, and financial expertise – all of which were invaluable to us regarding our Brand. Rob’s quick turnarounds, smooth transitions, and infinite patience in defining our COGS and target margins, along with creating realistic and achievable projections for us, became the catalyst towards making our brand a success! Words cannot describe how grateful we are to Rob and The Lyric Group for all they have done to educate us in bringing our Brand to the next level! We absolutely recommend his workshops highly.”

Susan & Jenna Zietara, Partners / Alwheys Good


“The Lyric Group’s daylong workshop experience was absolutely vital in helping Full Sun Co. step to the next level. Rob has distilled decades of experience and insight into the world of specialty foods sales and marketing, brought sharp focus to our strategic plan, and left us with the right analytical tools and recipes to grow our food brand and business. Rob delivers excellent value and we highly recommend his workshop.”

Netaka White & Dave McManus, Partners / Full Sun Company


“Rob came very prepared to meet with the Little Baby’s team and catch us up to speed on most of the fundamental workings of the specialty food market, to which we realized we actually knew very little about. It was a great way to learn the rules and atmosphere and helped our company determine realistic goals moving forward. Rob was thorough, clear, and more than informative. We were all impressed with the knowledge and wisdom exchanged in such a short period of time.” 

Martin Brown, Partner / Little Baby’s Ice Cream